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Intermediate - Babies are good language learners

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It is hard to know what babies want.
They can't talk, walk, or even point at what they're thinking about.
Yet newborns begin to develop language skills long before they begin speaking.
And, compared to adults, they develop these skills quickly.
People have a hard time learning new languages as they grow older, but infants have the ability to learn any language easily.
For a long time, scientists have tried to explain how such young children can learn complicated grammatical rules and sounds of a language.
Now, researchers are getting a better idea of what's happening in the brains of the tiniest language learners.
This new information might eventually help kids with learning problems as well as adults who want to learn new languages.
It might even help scientists who are trying to design computers that can communicate like people do.
Most babies go "goo goo" and "ma ma," by 6 months of age, and most children speak in full sentences by age 3.
For decades, scientists have wondered how the brains of young children figure out how to communicate using language.
With help from new technologies and research strategies, scientists are now finding that babies begin life with the ability to learn any language.
They get into contact with other people, listen to what they say and watch their movements very closely.
That is why they quickly master the languages they hear most often.

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