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Intermediate - Emails

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Email is a short word for electronic mail.
You form texts and send them over a network of computers.
The first emails go back to the 1960s.
Advantages of emails
Emails are easy to use.
You can organize your daily correspondence, send and receive electronic messages and save them on computers.
Emails are fast.
They are delivered at once around the world.
No other form of written communication is as fast as an email.
The language used in emails is simple and informal.
When you reply to an email you can attach the original message so that when you answer the recipient knows what you are talking about.
This is important if you get hundreds of emails a day.
It is possible to send automated emails with a certain text.
In such a way it is possible to tell the sender that you are on vacation.
These emails are called auto responders.
Emails do not use paper.
They are environment friendly and save a lot of trees from being cut down.
Emails can also have pictures in them. You can send birthday cards or newsletters as emails.
Products can be advertised with emails.
Companies can reach a lot of people and inform them in a short time.
Disadvantages of emails
Emails may carry viruses.
These are small programs that harm your computer system.
Many people send unwanted emails to others.
These are called spam mails. It takes a lot of time to filter out the unwanted emails from those that are really important.
Emails cannot really be used for official business documents.
They may be lost and you cannot sign them.
Your mailbox may get flooded with emails after a certain time so you have to empty it from time to time.

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